Friday, July 4, 2014

Drawing Buildings

I know that animators are supposed to practice their craft by drawing people, and I do like to draw people, but maybe I like to draw buildings even more. I get a little self-conscious drawing people, and buildings can be as full of life and interest as people can be. Buildings reflect the people who built them and used them and adapted them over the years.
Like this morning I drew this building, which my neighborhood co-op wants to tear down to expand their parking lot and expand their building. It's a house with a commercial building built in the front of it that has several styles mixed together, including a Southwest stucco, tile room thing on the other side. None of the windows on the house side seem to line up and the commercial building, with straighter room lines, has its own eccentricities, like something that may have been a window once and is not plastered all over, and the tall chimney that rises from it. This is really a building that grew and changed over its life, and its life may nearly be over, so it might have a death just like a person, though that death, like all the buildings of the Gateway District, might be pre-mature.
So I'm drawing buildings, and I'm drawing lots of buildings to make my Gateway District come back to life in at least my imagination.

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